Tutor Johannesburg is a home based business that was set up in 2012. Initially Tutor Johannesburg started with only one student who had moved from mainstream school to homeschooling as he was experiencing learning challengers due to ADHD. Only two months later of homeschool he begun improving his marks and started regaining his confidence in his work.

Needless to say the year ended on a high note and as a result, the family recommended us to several other families who were interested in similar services. This began a whole new journey for Tutor Johannesburg, and since then we have requests have been made by students looking to improve their marks, prepare for final exams and also to assist with coping during the primary school-high school transition phase.

Tutor Johannesburg strives to be the go to choice for the best quality personalized tutoring. We take the time to get to know the families as a whole and also the student. Our ambition is to help our students by providing adequate learner support, in a comfortable surrounding so that students can perform at their best, building long term academics. Service is important to us, we would like our clients to tell their friends about us and our quality of service.


Tutor Johannesburg offers you the option to submit a single query – and we will find a tutor for you who is based in the johannesburg / gauteng area of south Africa. We have tutors for all kinds of subjects, maths, science, English and Afrikaans. Our tutors handle all grades from grade 1 to 12, plus many tutors are part of a home schooling environment, giving your child the best possible education, one on one in the comfort of your own home.

Tutors Johannesburg uses only the best tutors – a good tutor is not someone who knows all the answers, but someone who is patient and has a passion for teaching, who finds enjoyment when a student ‘gets it’. We strive on the fact that our tutors are genuine caring people, who want the best for their students. To find the right tutor in Johannesburg is also a very important step.

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